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Our leisure time and colorful life

Number of visits: Date:May 4,2010
The 2009 Spring Festival Evening Party has been held successfully. The performances of all departments are in rehearsal in full swing. Compared with the former parties, this year’s party is more varied in form by adding feature performances like Peking Opera, double-reed woodwind instrument and capture boxing as well as the conventional singing and dancing. The performers overcame the difficulties of tight production task and great workload to squeeze out rest time for tight rehearsal. This is an evening party directed and performed by our staffs. In the party, you will fully feel our great passion and the festival mood of the Spring Festival.

We gather at 18:00 on the evening of Feb.2nd at the installed tower of Production Department. Let’s join together to bless the New Year and cheer for another leap-forward development of our enterprise in 2008.
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